Francis Chan and Churches of Christ/Restoration Movement Influence?

Many of you have probably heard that Francis Chan is going to keynote at the Tulsa Workshop in 2013. When Terry Rush broke the news back in April he mentioned Chan’s connection with Wes Woodell helped work out the speaking arrangement. I am really excited that all this is working out and I think that will be a big plus for Tulsa next year. I don’t know Francis Chan but I have heard and read a lot of what he has to say. What I really like about Francis Chan is that he says so many biblical things and so many challenging things…the best part is he is usually doing both at the same time. He doesn’t challenge you just to challenge you and isn’t biblical for the sake of just being biblical. He is trying to move people’s hearts closer to God. I admire that.

If you have listened to his preaching you have probably noticed that Francis Chan says things that of us who have grown up in Churches of Christ find really familiar. He is very plain about wanting scripture to shape and guide our faith, worship/ecclesiology, theology, and mission. He often makes the point that if we just read our Bibles from the most non-biased perspective possible is all of this (church world) what we would come up with? That is a question we all need to ask ourselves. When I hear him say things like that it all it reminds me of our own traditional hermeneutics in the Churches of Christ.

About a week ago I noticed Wes had tweeted something about having lunch with Francis Chan before moving from California so I asked Wes how familiar Chan was with the Restoration Movement. Wes said that Chan actually did attend a church with Restoration roots while in seminary in Los Angeles for 6 months. My first thought was that my intuition was correct…he surely has some Restoration Movement influence in some of the things I have heard him say. Honestly, as interesting as I find that connection is, who knows if that is the case. Maybe he was attracted to that based on some of his own prior theological leanings and interpretations. What is most important is not who inspired who but that Francis Chan is in love with Jesus Christ and is helping others gain a more biblical worldview through his preaching and teaching. That is a God thing that transcends the labels we often like to put on things. Praise God for that!

Francis Chan to Keynote at 2013 Tulsa Workshop

News from Shane Coffman that Francis Chan will be keynoting the 2013 Tulsa Workshop Thursday evening and Friday morning. Thanks Shane, Terry Rush and all the rest who do such a fantastic job providing a quality workshop. Special thanks to Wes Woodell for going the extra mile to facilitate this. If you are going to the Pepperdine Lectures next week make sure to catch classes by these guys. Wes has a class on evangelizing young adults. Should be quality material from a guy who knows what he is doing. Terry is teaching on rest. I am not certain if Terry does much resting judging by how much he gets done. Maybe he is just crazy efficient.

Hope you can be in Tulsa in 2013!

Handout for My Classes at the Tulsa Workshop

Did you ever have that teacher in school who would put a piece of paper over the overhead lens so you couldn’t see all the notes at once? That drove me crazy! Here is a link to the handouts for my three classes at Tulsa. Originally it was going to be 20 pages but I got it down to 13. I am sure I could beef it up a bit but I think 13 is plenty to work with for now. My classes are Friday from 2-5pm. Come by and say hi if you can!

Practical Ministry to a Missing Generation Handouts

Ready to Roll on Tulsa

I am just tweaking up my third class for Tulsa and I can’t wait. I am teaching on ministry to 20s & 30s and will cover several things including but not limited to:

  1. Why the 20s leaving the church this has become the behemoth of a problem it is
  2. How the generation gap formed and how to cross it
  3. Paradigm issues and adjusting our paradigm to something more healthy and helpful
  4. Telling part of our story, not as the model ministry (because we still have room to grow) but as the beginning of a conversation on thinking outside the box to make this work.
  5. Intergenerational ministry and connection.
  6. ending with a Q & A in the third hour.

I am working on a big handout that will be 20 pages+ I figure whoever comes to the class is going to go and hear so much other information it is good to have something to take home that outlines what was discussed clearly and succinctly. If you are going to Tulsa I hope to see you there! Also, when it is all done I will be posting the handout on the blog in pdf for those of you who can’t make it or, heaven forbid, go to another class during that time!

Tulsa Workshop 2012

Anyone going to the Tulsa workshop this month? I am going to be doing three classes, back-to-back on ministry to young adults starting Friday at 2:00 with Q & A at the end. If this is of interest to you please come to the classes. They will be practical with handouts to take home. The handouts will give you the meat of the presentation (doesn’t it stink when you hear something helpful but then you hear 100 other helpful things that day and you forget it?) along with some very practical suggestions, process issues, and notes on how to do this without a paid staff person. I will also have a list of other resources longer than you can shake a stick at. If I get real ambitious, I might even hand out some sticks so you can shake them while you look at the list of resources! Just look for this guy for the stack of handouts when you get to the class…











Honestly, this is just a preemptive move to get you committed and excited about this class before you see that Terry Rush, Trey Morgan, Jeff Walling, and Josh Ross also have classes during this time frame.

The Best Sermon on The Prodigal Son That I Have Ever Heard

If you like good preaching and want to hear the best sermon on the Parable of the Prodigal Son(s) that I have ever heard go to the Tulsa Workshop order page and purchase Rick Atchley’s sermon from the Tulsa Workshop 2010. It is phenomenal. The first few minutes made me think this was going to be just another sermon on Luke 15 pointing out many of the things you have heard in sermons in the past. But about 10 minutes in Atchley really starts pulling it together to make a dynamite, hard hitting and eye opening sermon that is worth hearing.