The TNIV Translators Speak

Hear what Gordon Fee, Douglas Moo, and Karen Jobes (some of the translators of the TNIV) have to say about the TNIV. These are some highly respected biblical scholars.

While the TNIV had its share of problems I really wish they would reconsider and at least do a thorough revision to give this translation a shot. I guess we will have to wait and see what becomes of the NIV revision and just write a “T” in front of it on the covers and title pages of our Bibles 😉


What Rob Bell Thinks of the TNIV

I am sure the question burning in your minds since you found out the TNIV is going out of production is, “I wonder what Rob Bell thinks of the TNIV?” Well wait no longer…

[HT: Dave Wainscott]

No matter what you think of Rob Bell and his theology we can still appreciate Mars Hill’s willingness to invest so much in getting the Bible into the hands of people who are seeking God so they can read it for themselves. We have attempted to do something similar with the NIV by keeping a bunch of free Bibles out where people can get them when they come in the door but no where on the order of thousands a week! We have probably given out 400 total over the last two years or so.