Switching from Google Reader to Feedly

So google reader is going away and you may be looking for a good alternative. In the previous google reader post, someone suggested that Feedly is a good replacement. I installed it into chrome and it is excellent. It immediately asked to log into google reader and transferred all my RSS subscriptions straight in! Now I just need to figure out how to add a subscribe via feedly button on my sidebar.

Replacing Bloglines

With bloglines dying November 1 I am curious to know what you guys are using as a feed reader. I have google’s with all my subscriptions in it but it just isn’t clicking for me. It seems like a waste of time to have to mark all these things as read. With bloglines I could easily and quickly get through more posts and see the text of each post very readily. I just don’t find that with google reader. Clint recommended FeedDemon in a previous post. I have it running and it is decent. That may be what I end up using as it has some nicer features than google reader. Any suggestions?

Bloglines is Shutting Down October 1

For those of you who use bloglines, make sure you export your subscriptions to another RSS reader. It would be a real shame if you didn’t know that and lost all your subscriptions. Just go to bloglines and follow the directions on the main page. Looks like it is a business decision on their part.

I will be making a few subscription adjustments to this blog in the coming weeks. If you aren’t subscribed to this blog via facebook (networked blogs), google reader or email subscription I would highly recommend it. The days of clicking on links to visit blogs to see if they have new content is dead. If you are still doing that you are wasting a tremendous amount of time as subscriptions will bring you new content in real time, as it is published. Click on the links in this post or at the left side of this blog to subscribe. Thanks to all who have. It is encouraging to see roughly 120 people see new posts in their email whenever something is published.

What Do All Those Funny Looking Buttons Mean?

funnybuttons.jpgYou may have asked yourself, “What do all those crazy looking buttons on Matt’s blog mean? I thought I would share with you the wonders of RSS. For those of you who are not familiar with RSS, it is one of the best time-savers on the web. Anytime a blog post goes up it is published to a feed link that RSS readers pick up on. This means you can subscribe to your favorite blogs and when a new post goes up it will go get it for you. Instead of having to go through your bookmarks to your favorite blogs you just go to your RSS reader (like Google Reader or Bloglines) and they will show your whole list of blogs and which ones have new posts. You can then read the new posts from your RSS reader (which is just a webpage). You never have to type mattdabbs.wordpress.com (that is making a big assumption I know!) or whatever blog you find yourself typing. You simply go to one place to find all your favorite reads.

I am sure many of you incessantly click refresh here at Kingdom living in order to make sure you aren’t missing anything. If that describes you…click no longer! Just click one of the links to the left to either receive Kingdom Living in your email or subscribe to one of the feed readers. The other way to subscribe to any blog is to click the subscribe button at the top of your browser. For more specific instructions click here.