We’re Expecting!

Missy is pregnant again, due in November! We are so, so excited and could use your prayers. Our pregnancy with Jonah didn’t go so smoothly, so Missy could especially use your prayers for her health and the health of the baby. We will find out in a couple of week if it is a boy or a girl. Something tells me it will be a girl. I will get some sonogram pictures up here eventually. It is hard to believe Jonah is already 19 months. He is going to be an awesome big brother!


Dealing With God When the Answer is “No”

Usually if we ask God for something we generally think it must be the best thing for us. How often do you hear prayers that God would make us murderers or drug dealers? You don’t because that is a crazy prayer to pray. We would expect a no to those prayers! But what do you do when it sure seems to us like the very best answer would be a “yes” from God and we get a “no” instead? We normally pray for some pretty good things, right? We pray for loved ones, for health and healing, and for lost people. Those are prayers that seem like yes answer prayers.

When Missy and I went through a miscarriage in 2007 it seemed to be a devastating and resounding “No” to many prayers we had prayed together. We had prayed for a healthy child. We had prayed for a healthy pregnancy and to see it all come to an end was gut wrenching to say the least. If there was any prayer that should be a “yes” prayer wouldn’t it be a prayer for the innocent unborn? And yet the answer was no.

I don’t know how all of it works. I don’t believe God is hands off in this world but when you see pain and suffering it is hard to come to any other conclusion in some instances. I am beginning to think that maybe some of the things we ask God don’t come down to a yes or a no but that He allows things to take their natural course due to the condition of the world we live in that is broken and full of decay and sin. I mean, the way He wanted this world to be is is not the way it is today. He made this world as a place where there is peace and wholeness and love and goodness. Yet we made it into something else by our own choices. So that may explain part of it. But it still leaves little answer for the suffering of the innocent.

Things that help us deal with God:
What is helpful to me when I get a “no” from God is that Jesus also received that answer at times too. In the garden he prayed that the cup of wrath he was about to endure be removed from Him and God said “No.” So if Jesus, the one who you would always think would get a “yes” from God even got His no’s at times then why should we be any different? What is also comforting to me is that sometimes “no’s” turn into “not yet’s.” You pray and pray for something and the immediate response seems on face value to be a no but later on you see a much better answer come and you realize looking back that God was really saying “not yet.” Our miscarriage was one of those. We prayed and prayed for a healthy baby and looking back it seems God was saying “not yet” because within the 9 months Missy would have been pregnant with that child, Jonah was conceived. Jonah is the baby who would never have been had the first pregnancy been successful. I don’t know how all this works or don’t claim to have all the answers but it sure is good to see God take the tragic and make it a triumph.

These things help us say “yes” to God’s “no.” These things help us fully submit ourselves to His will even when His telescope vision seems blurry to our microscope eyes.

Baby Dabbs Pictures

Pictures of our baby boy at 28 weeks of pregnancy. These 3D ultrasound pictures sure are amazing. Diane commented on Facebook saying the one looks like a hand cradling his face. God has certainly been with this little one.

Baby News

Missy is in the 5th month of pregnancy and the baby has been moving around quite a bit lately. Yesterday I tried to see if I could feel them and sure enough I could! What an awesome experience to feel that little guy kicking around in there. Can’t wait to meet him. We think he is going to be a gymnast.

It’s A Boy!

I wanted to give a pregnancy update. Missy is at 17 weeks into the pregnancy and we found out today that we will be having a boy! We are really excited about that one. My dad who has done genealogy for the last 30 years is really excited that the Dabbs name will continue on! Now we have to think of names…any suggestions? 🙂

We Are Pregnant Again!

Just wanted to let all of you know that we are pregnant again! We wanted to wait a while before we said that this time but Missy is starting her 14th week of pregnancy. Many of you probably remember we had a miscarriage last time so please keep us in your prayers!