Two Great Deals: One from N.T. Wright and One from Logos Bible Software

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N.T. Wright’s book Surprised by Hope is on sale for Kindle for $1.99

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Tom Wright on “What is the Gospel?”

If the video doesn’t play for you click here. I love Wright’s focus on Jesus. A couple of years ago there was a lot of discussion regarding where to start with people when sharing the Gospel. The point was made (at the Pepperdine lectures, online and elsewhere) that older generations tend to start with the New Testament epistles, while younger generations tend to start more with the Gospels. The approach of those with a more modern worldview is to teach people about Jesus through books like Romans. Younger people (post-moderns) would rather cut to the chase and go straight to the Gospels, preferring to learn from narrative.

Where you start should depend on where the seeker is starting from and what might draw them in better. Typically young people are more drawn to narrative than they are to diving in to doctrine (at least at first…always time for that later). They are going to connect more with watching and hearing Jesus teach and minister through reading the Gospels. They will connect less with the heady teachings of Romans or Galatians). Some of the older people, who may have more of a church background, are often more interested in doctrine and will be more interested in learning about Jesus through the teachings of Paul.

The good news is, Jesus is central in both approaches. Both approaches are helpful and effective. The main thing is that we are out there teaching people about Jesus, no matter what our approach, and let God work on their hearts.


Book Giveaway – Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters by N.T. Wright

Congratulations to Luke Dockery who won an advance copy of Mark Driscoll’s book that is coming out next week “Who Do You Think You Are?“. I am following that up with another book giveaway. This time it is N.T. Wright’s book Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters. This is an excellent book and one you guys definitely need to add to your resources if you haven’t already.

If you want to be in the running to get a copy of Wright’s book just comment on this post and I will announce a winner on New Year’s day. So get your comments in by then. Thanks for reading and have a great New Year!


The Restoration Leaders Beat N.T. Wright & Emergening Church To It

John Mark Hicks recently blogged about the eschatology of the early Restoration Leaders in a post titled, “Heaven on Earth” – A Stone-Campbell Tradition” In that post Hicks quotes Lipscomb, Harding and Alexander Campbell on the restoration of creation. It seems these guys were picking up on some things that have only recently been popularized by guys like N.T. Wright. Worth a read.

Then he writes another post on the Mission of Christ as David Lipscomb saw it. Hicks writes,

“I am often amazed at how some contemporary writers–missional and emergent–seem to believe that they have embraced a new vision for the mission of God. It also amazes me that some more traditional writers–some Evangelicals and some New Calvinists–regard the missional emphasis as a new understanding of the gospel.  David Lipscomb (1831-1917) reminds us that such emphases are not new.”

If you have a minute go read the Lipscomb quote on the mission of Christ.


N.T. Wright Weighs in On Hell and Rob Bell

Josh Graves mentioned this link. The video there is only a few minutes long and he doesn’t really give a ton of answers but he does help frame the discussion a little (something Wright is always exceptional at). He does say he is not a universalist but wonders why people in America are so obsessed with hell. He says he gets that question from people over here all the time but rarely back in England. Sorry that I can’t embed this video.

NT Wright on Hell and Bell

Does Matthew’s Structure Parallel the Torah?

Over the last few months I have been writing curriculum on the Sermon on the Mount for our men’s and women’s classes. I have heard several other people begin to study this as well in recent weeks and months and everyone who I have talked to keeps saying they are doing so because it is so relevant for our day and age. I agree. In studying the wise and foolish builders (the conclusion of the sermon) I ran across something pretty obscure but potentially very relevant in N.T. Wright’s book Matthew for Everyone. He notes that Matthew uses a similar phrase five times to section off Jesus’ teaching into five blocks and concludes each section with a phrase like “when Jesus had finished teaching…” Here are the five occurrences of that phrase (or one very similar)

  1. 7:28 – concludes the sermon on the mount
  2. 11:1 – concludes teaching his disciples
  3. 13:53 – concludes a section of parables
  4. 19:1 – concluding a chapter of parables/teachings
  5. 26:1 – concluding a section of teachings from 23-25 but also seems to serve as the close of the final section “when Jesus had finished all these words…”

What else had five sections? The Torah. Where was the Torah delivered? On a mountain. He makes a good case that Jesus is teaching with more power and authority than Moses (See Deut 18:14-21). You do see that in the sermon on the mount especially…”you have heard it said but I tell you…” Where had they heard most of that said? The Torah. I had never heard anyone make that point before but it is kind of fascinating.

The New Testament Scholar Two Step

Line dancing…something they can all agree on! I tossed Piper in the mix. Maybe I should do one with all the trendy young ministers. Can you imagine Driscoll and Bell dancing hip hop together?

Elf Yourself – New Testament Scholar Edition

CD/DVD Giveaway – Soularize vol. 2

Next up for grabs is the CD/DVD Combo pack Soularize vol. 2. This retails for $39.95 and has audio and video from N.T. Wright, Rita Bock, Brennan Manning, Spencer Burke, and others. 20 talks and over 40 hours of A/V. If you would like a copy just comment below and I will randomly select one winner in the next week and have this shipped to you. If you would like to buy a copy I can get you one for $25 including shipping.


I wanted to put a plug out there for the Soularize CD set. It is a “conference in a box” and can be purchased for less than $20 (Promo code = VB50). This has audio from N.T. Wright, Frank Viola, Brennan Manning, and others. Here are the sermons/classes that are on the CD:

  1. The Kingdom of God (Acts Part 1) – NT WRight
  2. Paul’s engagement of the hellenistic world (Acts Part 2) – NT Wright
  3. Salvation (Acts Part 3) – NT Wright
  4. Paradise: A Historical Perspective – Rita Brock
  5. Saving Paradise- Rita Brock
  6. The Story of God’s Garden- Rita Brock
  7. Abba Father – Brennan Manning
  8. We are all called to the healing ministry- Brennan Manning
  9. Christian transformation – Richard Rohr
  10. Non-dualistic thinking- Richard Rohr
  11. The Practice of Meditation (Part 1)- Richard Rohr
  12. The Practice of Meditation (Part 2)- Richard Rohr
  13. Jesus,  Homosexuality, and the future of the church – Round Table
  14. Holistic and integrated understanding – Frank Viola
  15. Narrative Ecclesiology – Michael Dowd
  16. Thank God for Evolution – Jim Palmer
  17. Divine Nobodies – Mark Scandrette
  18. Living in the ways of the kingdom – Garith Higgins
  19. Spirituality in film – Spencer Burke
  20. Retail Christianity or Wholesale Love?

Book Giveaway – Following Jesus by N.T. Wright

I have been really blessed with you guys purchasing from my amazon store over the last few months. I still have some credit in my account I need to give back to readers of this blog. So this week I am giving away a copy of Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship by N.T. Wright. This is an excellent book and a must read if you haven’t already. Just comment on this post to be in the running to receive a free copy of this book. If you win I will send you a new copy.