Updated Marriage, Family and Parenting Resources Page

Just a note that the marriage and family resources tab has been updated with many more great links. I hope to annotate many more of the links in the near future. Here is the link.

Updates at Kingdom Living

One of my goals for Kingdom Living is to provide a variety of resources in one location that will be helpful to Christians and Christian ministers alike. I am committed to keeping this blog up-to-date through regular posting and adding resources that a relevant and current. I am also committed to posting on a regular basis and covering material that is practical and helpful to Christians of all maturity levels. I wanted to let you know of a couple of recent updates:

Two pages at Kingdom Living have been updated:

Bible Resources (13 more Bible study resources added)
Blogroll (103 new blogs added)

Two new pages have been added
Marriage and Family Resources I intend to add more links and content here in the coming weeks.
Bible Series This is a page that contains lists of series done of various books of the Bible (Mark, John, Acts, Revelation, etc).