Watershed Moments: Pivotal Points in Church History by Mark Adams

Watershed Moments is a curriculum written by a good friend of mine, Mark Adams for 21st Century Christian about Church history from a Restoration perspective. Mark has really outdone himself on this book. It is extremely well written. It is also extremely brief to actually cover the 13 moments/people as thoroughly and as thoughtfully as he has. If you are looking for curriculum on church history that won’t bore your class to pieces give this a try.

Also, if you want a quick synopsis of important moments in Christian history pick this up as well because it would provide that for someone wanting an entry level work.

This book covers:

  1. Martyrs and Monks
  2. Early Christian councils
  3. Constantine/Augustine
  4. Patrick of Ireland and evangelizing the barbarians
  5. Islam and the Crusades
  6. Luther, Catholicism and Corruption
  7. Zwingli
  8. Calvin and predestination
  9. Rationalism, Spiritualism/Quakers, and Pietism
  10. Wesley, Edwards and the Great Awakening
  11. Stone/Campbell and the Restoration Movement (Cane Ridge & Springfield Presbytery)
  12. Thomas Campbell and the Declaration and Address
  13. Lipscomb – Divisions within the Restoration Movement (Disciples, Churches of Christ and Christian Church)

He actually weaves these moments in history and historical Christian figures together with skill. Each chapter ends with discussion questions that are very well thought out and contain more verses to consider. That makes the book good material for a discussion oriented Bible class or small group.

The only thing I can think of that would improve this book is application questions. Most of the questions were about principles and thinking through how we see these things today but little was geared toward actually making application or change based on the principles that were learned in the chapters.

Price – $3.75!
Supplemental Powerpoint presentation – $4.99


Mark Adams Weighs in On “How Can Churches Move Forward on the Gay Issue?”

It has been a while since I have highlighted other blogs. That is mainly because I don’t really have much time on my hands to read things outside of what is related to my ministry right now. I do want to mention an article over at Mark’s blog about how churches are to move forward on the issue of homosexuality. I appreciate the tone of Mark’s post and his thoughtfulness on the matter. This is a HUGE issue in the church whether we realize it or not. It will also have a lot to say to our relevance in our culture in years to come. I am alright with the culture thinking we are nuts because we believe certain things as long as we are approaching those matters of morality through a Christ-like framework and with an attitude of love. I also want to point out an additional resource that is quite helpful on this matter. It is a book by the late Stanley Grenz called “Welcoming but not Affirming.

Have a look at Mark’s post and see what you think. It is very important that we have a response to people on this issue. It is also important that we look at it from a broader biblical perspective and, as Mark said, don’t just keep on the surface of the issue by saying how wrong it is without really exploring why and how positive the biblical view is on relationships as God did intend for them to be. We have to be welcoming of people who are seeking God and realize that no matter who comes in our doors they will all have issues. We cannot have our list of issues that are on our “Not to have any patience with this person” list. Let Mark know what you think.

Mark Adams’ New Curriculum – The Story of God’s People

Mark just got some of his curriculum published by 21st Century Christian. Have a look here and buy a bunch for your Bible class.