Keith Brenton Pokes Holes in the Notion of Congregational Autonomy

I am appreciative for Keith’s post on this and how it challenged me. It asked questions that I have never taken time to ask myself (much less had a sharp enough mind to even consider). I appreciate his sincerity and honesty as well as his willingness to continue to ask what the Bible actually teaches on this subject. If you have a moment and find this a topic that interests you, you will want to read his thoughts.

Congregational Autonomy

In other adventures in things we thought we knew but maybe we didn’t…Claude Mariottini lays out the case for Moses’ staff turning into a crocodile, not a snake. That certainly changes the way I see that story unfolding. Also worth a read.


Keith Brenton Challenges Us

Kudos to Keith for courageously challenging what he sees and not being afraid to ask the tough questions. I don’t know if he wants me linking to his post. I just don’t see how I can’t. Agree or disagree with Keith…either way you will be challenged by what you read. Here is his post. I pray his elders will realize how blessed they are to have him ministering with them.

Keith Brenton on the Jesus Hermeneutic

Great post Keith! This kind of thinking should put us at ease that God is actually merciful and compassionate. Maybe God was serious when he said he was abounding in steadfast love!?! Along with Frank B…another one of those guys you look forward to reading.