The Restoration Leaders Beat N.T. Wright & Emergening Church To It

John Mark Hicks recently blogged about the eschatology of the early Restoration Leaders in a post titled, “Heaven on Earth” – A Stone-Campbell Tradition” In that post Hicks quotes Lipscomb, Harding and Alexander Campbell on the restoration of creation. It seems these guys were picking up on some things that have only recently been popularized by guys like N.T. Wright. Worth a read.

Then he writes another post on the Mission of Christ as David Lipscomb saw it. Hicks writes,

“I am often amazed at how some contemporary writers–missional and emergent–seem to believe that they have embraced a new vision for the mission of God. It also amazes me that some more traditional writers–some Evangelicals and some New Calvinists–regard the missional emphasis as a new understanding of the gospel.  David Lipscomb (1831-1917) reminds us that such emphases are not new.”

If you have a minute go read the Lipscomb quote on the mission of Christ.


Digitizing Church of Christ Audio

I am going to be adding another page to the blog of uploaded sermons in the near future. I am in the process of digitizing cassettes and requesting the appropriate permissions to duplicate and upload this content. So far I have permission from John Mark Hicks and Jim McGuiggan. Awaiting word back from several others but will let you know when all this is ready to be released. There is some really great material in there that doesn’t need to sit on a shelf.

Top Church of Christ Blogs (July 2009)

Thanks to Jay Guin for updating the list. It is a lot of work and hadn’t been done since January. I kept this blog out of the running on the original list. I don’t like to post something if I have a horse in the race. But Jay insisted I included my blog in the list. If my memory is right my ranking didn’t change if I had been in the previous list. So here are the results:

Alexa Rank Rank (Jan 09) Rank (July 09)
Edward Fudge 58,527 2 1
Al Maxey 106,941 1 2
Jay Guin 477,301 7 3
Grace Conversation 920,379 unranked 4
Matt Dabbs 1,153,031 unranked 5
Cecil Hook 1,165,200 3 6
Mike Cope 1,368,893 4 7
John Mark Hicks 1,726,067 unranked 8
Jim Martin 1,908,733 13 9
Larry James 1,978,166 8 10
Trey Morgan 2,121,816 5 11
Phil Ware 2.7 mil unranked 12 2.7 mil 14 13
Patrick Mead 3 mil 17 14
Bobby Valentine 3.1 mil 24 15
Milton Stanley 3.2 mil 9 16
Alan Rouse 3.4 mil unranked 17
Dallas Burdette 3.5 mil unranked 18
Phil Sanders 3.57 mil unranked 19
Tim Archer 4.7 mil unranked 20
Wade Hodges 5 mil 6 21
Dale Jenkins 5 mil unranked 22
Matt Clifton 5.3 mil unranked 23
Nick Gill 5.4 mil unranked 24
Ocular Fusion 5.7 mil 15 25
Brandon S Thomas 5.72 mil 10 26
Keith Brenton 5.73 mil unranked 27
Bill Williams 6 mil 20 28
Jim McGuiggan 6.4 mil 18 29
Todd Deaver 7 mil unranked 30
Political Cartel 8.2 mil 12 31
Gil Yoder 8.6 mil unranked 32
Royce Ogle 8.775 mil unranked 33
Kinney Mabry 8.785 mil 19 34
James Nored 8.8 mil unranked 35
Zane Petty 9 mil 16 36
Terry Rush 9 mil 25 37
Terry Laudette 9.8 mil unranked 38
Chris Guin 10.6 mil unranked 39
Seth Simmons 11.7 mil unranked 40
Tim Spivey 11.7 mil unranked 41
Wes Woodell 13 mil unranked 42
Jonathan Storment 14 mil unranked 43
Rex Butts 17.8 mil 23 44
John Dobbs 19 mil 21 45
Matthew Morine 20 mil unranked 46
Mitchell Skelton 20 mil unranked 47

John Mark Hicks Has Been Very Helpful

In case you haven’t noticed, John Mark Hicks has been uploading tons of study helps to his blog. Just thought I would pass it along.

John Mark Hicks Has Jumped to WordPress

Here is the link. John Dobbs would be proud. Hey, maybe Bobby Valentine will jump ship next.