The Jesus Christ Show and Neil Saavedra

One of our local AM stations carries a program on Sunday mornings called “The Jesus Christ Show.” I sometimes catch bits and pieces of this program on my way home from worship. On this show, host Neil Saavedra, takes on the role of Jesus dispensing bits of religious and spiritual guidance to those who call in with questions. People call in and refer to him as “Jesus” and he answers their questions according to how he feels Jesus would answer. It is all really a bit eerie. Here is one example…you don’t have to listen to everything in the middle but if you catch the first and last minute you will get an idea of how this goes.

It concerns me that a program like this exists in its present format. I don’t have a problem with much of the advice I have heard him give. I do have a problem with the format in which he delivers it. How could any well meaning believer ask people to call them “Jesus” or “Holy Host”? It really casts a cloud over the whole thing for me. If you read the comments on the youtube video you will find some people this show has made a real difference for. I don’t doubt that. But it worries me that people would seek their advice from a guy posing as Jesus…even a guy who says himself (according to the wikipedia article on the show) that he is too tired to attend church himself on Sunday. I am glad people think the words of Jesus are important. But we know there are better ways to get words from Christ without calling in to the heavenly host out in L.A.

I don’t think Neil intends for this show to be blasphemous. But why put yourself in a position where some people are going to put you up there in their thinking as God or Jesus Christ? If we purposely do things that lead people to think that it borders extremely dangerously on blasphemy whether he intends it or not. What do you think?