SNL Video – Barack and Hillary Spoof on NBA Commercials

No matter who you are pulling for this video is worth a minute and fourteen seconds of your time. There Can Only Be One.

Faith and Campaigning for President

In light of my last post regarding Obama I want to lay out the bigger issue. Faith is larger than a campaign. Hillary claims to be a Christian. Barack claims to be a Christian. I think McCain claims to be a Christian but I am less sure there. If a politician uses their Christianity to get votes and claims moral high ground then they better expect to be under the spot light. It is a real shame that politicians will use Christianity to get votes and then act another way contrary to their faith when that is convenient for them. What is more if Hillary is a Christian and Obama a Christian then we have a larger issue when one sends sexually suggestive, demeaning, and disrespectful messages to the other. We also have issues when one is lying to the American public on a consistent basis in their speeches.

If you claim your faith as a strong suit to your campaign then you better live up to it. To me that is bigger than claiming to be a conservative and acting like a liberal or being a liberal and acting like a conservative. This is more than political views. This is who they are.

Obama Gives Hillary the Finger

McCain is known to drop the F-bomb from time to time. That is one of the things I really don’t like about him. I think people with character and class can think of better ways to communicate their message than that. Here is Obama talking about Hillary taking digs at him and subtly gives her the finger in the middle of his presentation. The crowd gets it. He gets it. Not on par with abortion, poor foreign policy plans, or a horrible economic agenda in the whole scheme of things but one more thing that shows poor judgment. Obama likes to claim he is above the fray in Washington. I guess not.

Barak Obama Pro Homosexual Legislation

This article from WorldNetDaily is pretty disturbing of what Obama would want to push through if he is elected president. Know who you are voting for.

This election is going to be especially difficult for me. You cannot have a president you cannot believe. That eliminates Hillary. When Hillary speaks I cannot help but wonder how much of what she says is true and how much are lies. That is not a good sign or quality for our next president. When I hear much of what Obama stands for I cannot see any way I can vote for him. As a gun owner and a Christian his recent comments were a slap in my face.

Then there is McCain. He has always seemed like an angry person to me. I love the fact that he served in the military and I have a tremendous respect for that. I don’t think you can run an effective campaign on being a prisoner of war 30+ years ago. That doesn’t cast a vision. It doesn’t give a plan. It speaks a commitment and I respect that but it really doesn’t tell me much about what he has to offer. You would think with 300,000,000 Americans we could come up with three better candidates than this but here we are and what are we going to do about it?

Write Me in for President…I Will Answer the Phone

With all the ads going lately you would think answering a phone in the wee hours of the morning is the number one criteria for being president. Well I have to tell you, I have a real problem not answering my phone. When my phone rings I feel like I have to answer it. Not to mention the fact that I am really good at answering the phone in the early morning or late night hours. So, if answering the phone makes one qualified to be president, write me in because I would be excellent at that!

And what is the deal with Barak saying he stood up against the war in Iraq and that he showed better judgment by being against it when he wasn’t even in the Senate when that vote was cast? Can someone help me with the rationale for that argument?

Barack Obama Music Video – Move it From Yes We Can to Here’s the Plan

Every time I hear an audio bite or a video clip of Barack Obama I don’t hear any policy. Not a single plan. I hear hope, hope, hope, change, change, change. He is running off a flashy image and charisma but I have no earthly clue what he would do as president. They say the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Given the fact that he has the most liberal voting record in the Senate what does that say about where he would take this nation?

Barack, educate us. Teach us how to achieve this lofty vision of hope you keep talking about. Stop telling us “Yes we can.” We get it. We can do it if we band together, break down walls, and shoot for the stars. But what are we aiming for here? You have convinced us we can pull the trigger on change but would you let us know what it is you want us to aim at? What is hope when you don’t know what you are hoping for? You say we can heal this nation. Yes we can, but how and from what? You say we can heal this world. Yes we can, but what is the plan?

I think the cry needs to develop past “Yes we can” to “Here’s the plan.”

It is nice that you have celebrities in your video like Jesse Dylan, Common, Scarlett Johansson, Tatyana Ali, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriquez, Kelly Hu, Amber Valetta, Eric Balfour, Aisha Tyler, Nicole Scherzinger and Nick Cannon and everything. It is a nice start but the true mark of a leader is not found in the ability to formulate moving and timely speeches or celebrity filled music videos. The mark of a true leader is the ability to rally people together around a common vision that is backed by a realistic and well communicated plan of action and that, without the push and drive of the leader, might never have the momentum to ever be accomplished.

I bet Hillary Clinton is pulling out her hair that she is losing to a junior senator who is passing her in the delegate count based on charisma.

Video of Hillary Clinton Crying

I don’t like to take this blog in a political direction but I cannot help but ask myself, “Why does that video leave me feeling suspicious?” One thing I learned in those couple of psychology classes I took in college was that the best predictor of behavior is past behavior. I cannot help but think if crying (if you call that choked up voice followed by a very calculated look in her eyes crying) gets her votes and wins a primary we will be seeing more of a “softer side” of Hillary in the weeks and months to come. If we knew her to be good as gold and genuine in the past we wouldn’t even think of being suspicious…Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat doesn’t matter. Character counts for something.