What is The Most Expensive Item on Ebay?

If you have $12 million to drop on a 2500 year old lamp then you are in luck. The seller, who has no feedback!, says it is from a Hindu temple in India.The only catch is you have to go pick it up. I guess it makes sense if this piece of metal is worth $12 million that they might not be able to ship it and if you had the money you would want to go and get it yourself. And since this is a once in a lifetime purchase…it shouldn’t really bother you the seller has no feedback on ebay. Seems like this is a scan from a page in a book.

You Don’t Want This Guy Winning Your Item on Ebay

Ha! Can you imagine seeing that user name and feedback on the winning bid of your item? Yikes.

[HT: Gizmodo]

Updates – Illinois Corn Flake Re-posted as a Coupon on Ebay and Brian McLaren

Before I begin I want to start by saying this is probably the only post on the web that includes information about corn flakes and Brian McLaren in the same place. Two updates – The Great Illinois Corn Flake has been pulled from Ebay and now reposted as a coupon. It went over $200,000 upwards of $200,444. I am sure whoever had the high bid is really relieved. Also, I wanted to mention that there was some clarification on the Brian McLaren ticket prices in the comments. The price was not just for a lecture but also included a meal and some interaction time. I still don’t know what I think about that but at least that is a little more palatable than paying over 100 for a lecture.

The Great Illinois Corn Flake of 2008

Have you seen this corn flake that is for sale on ebay? The bid is up over $200,000! How ridiculous. And in case you don’t win the flake you can always fall back on either this conglomoration of flakes in the shape of Illinois, this conglomoration of flakes spelling out “I am a sucker” or this crummy t-shirt that is only selling for $1500.00. I think I need to check my pantry.

I guess our recession fears are no more. Corn flakes for everyone!