Claude Mariottini Examines “Confess/Confession” in the 2010 NIV Old Testament

After working through how the 2010 NIV used (or didn’t use) “confess” in the New Testament I asked Dr. Mariottini if he had examined its use in the Old Testament. He has posted some very helpful information on how the 2010 NIV translated “yada” (sorry for not having a Hebrew font on this computer) in the Old Testament. He basically found that the 2010 NIV did not make any significant changes in how they translated it. He ends his post with some information on the use of yada in the Old Testament that is helpful if you are interested in that sort of thing. Thanks to Dr. Mariottini for his time and efforts.


Claude Mariottini Critiques the Revised NIV

Check out Dr. Mariottini’s concerns about the Revised NIV due out next year.

A Step Backward

Accuracies and Inaccuracies of Glenn Beck’s Comments on the Dead Sea Scrolls

What he got wrong

What he got right

How is that for fair and balanced?

Noah’s Ark Hoax

You have probably heard that Noah’s ark has been found. Even Ben Witherington has a post about it on his blog. Sorry, it’s a hoax. Claude Mariottini gives us the details in his post on the news.

Read it here.

Keith Brenton Pokes Holes in the Notion of Congregational Autonomy

I am appreciative for Keith’s post on this and how it challenged me. It asked questions that I have never taken time to ask myself (much less had a sharp enough mind to even consider). I appreciate his sincerity and honesty as well as his willingness to continue to ask what the Bible actually teaches on this subject. If you have a moment and find this a topic that interests you, you will want to read his thoughts.

Congregational Autonomy

In other adventures in things we thought we knew but maybe we didn’t…Claude Mariottini lays out the case for Moses’ staff turning into a crocodile, not a snake. That certainly changes the way I see that story unfolding. Also worth a read.

Dr. Mariottini Posted a Few Good Reads

Worth a look…

The name of God: Jehova

In this one, see his additional links on pronouncing the name of God.

Biblical Fonts to download from SBL – useful in writing lessons, blogging, etc

Interlinear New Living Translation Online

You can now view an interlinear New Living Translation Online. [HT: Claude Mariottini] If you get a chance, also have a look at his post today on the Election of Israel. It is a good read.

Dr. Maritottini on Messianic Expectations of the Old Testament

Dr. Mariottini constantly delivers quality material. This one is no exception. Here is the link.

Claude Mariottini Lists the 33 Lost Books Mentioned in the Old Testament

When you read the Old Testament you realize there are some books mentioned that you have probably never heard of before. Well  Dr. Mariottini lists all 33 of them for us. I had no idea there were that many. Here are a few highlights:

1. The Book of the Wars of Yahweh (Numbers 21:14).

2. The Book of Jasher (Joshua 10:13; 2 Samuel 1:18).

3. The Book of the Rights and Duties of the King (1 Samuel 10:25).

4. Solomon’s three thousand proverbs (1 Kings 4:32).

5. Solomon’s Thousand and Five Songs (1 Kings 4:32).

Look here for the other 28!

Claude Mariottini Weighs in on Some Aspects of the King James Version

Dr. Mariottini has posted some useful thoughts regarding the KJV in response to an article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. I love the way he has a balanced approach of not bashing the KJV but objectively and systematically pointing out some of its shortcomings while still respecting its value and importance in Christian history. Have a read. Sounds like he will have more posts on the KJV in an upcoming post. I look forward to reading it.

I thought I would also point out how interesting it is that the King James labels itself a “Version” and yet so many think it is the ONLY one. The term version reflects that attitude of the translators, which can be found in what they wrote in the preface to the 1611 KJV (which, apparantly manyKJV only supporters have never read). This is ironic to me that people would hold their translation as sacrosanct and yet ignore their own views on exactly what they were doing and what it would mean for their to be additional translations after their own. Here is one excerpt they wanted the reader of the KJV to understand prior to reading the text,

“Now to the latter we answer; that we do not deny, nay we affirm and avow, that the very meanest translation of the Bible in English, set forth by men of our profession, (for we have seen none of theirs of the whole Bible as yet) containeth the word of God, nay, is the word of God. As the King’s speech, which he uttereth in Parliament, being translated into French, Dutch, Italian, and Latin, is still the King’s speech, though it be not interpreted by every Translator with the like grace, nor peradventure so fitly for phrase, nor so expressly for sense, everywhere. ” [HT – Tim Archer]

In other words, translation is tough and arduous. This is not the only viable translation that exists or will exist but this is our best go at it. God’s grace will suffice for our shortcomings.