Temperatures at Past Inaugurations and the Effects of Global Warming

Did anyone else here the guy say that it probably didn’t snow this year because of global warming? Was that Chuck Todd? It was 28 degrees in Washington D.C. at the inauguration so it could easily have snowed. Second, we are in the middle of a huge cold front that is freezing everyone out at record cold temperatures through much of the country right now. Last, have a look at some of the past inaugurations:

To compare temps at past inaugurations you have to look at 1937 and beyond. That is the first year inaugurations were held in January. Prior to that they were held in March. So lets look at the inaugurations sin 1937 and see if things have warmed up:

1937 – FDR (can’t find the temp but it was the rainiest inauguration of all time > 33 degrees) – warmer
1941 – FDR (29 degrees) – warmer
1945 – FDR (35 degrees) – warmer
1949 – Truman (38 degrees) – warmer
1953 – Eisenhower (49 degrees) – warmer
1957 – Eisenhower (44 degrees) – warmer
1961 – Kennedy (22 degrees) – colder
1965 – LBJ (38 degrees) – warmer
1969 – Nixon (35 degrees) – warmer
1973 -Nixon (42 degrees) – warmer
1977 – Carter (28 degrees) – same
1981 – Reagan (50 degrees) – warmer
1985 – Reagan (7 degrees) – colder
1989 – Bush (50 degrees) – warmer
1993 – Clinton (40 degrees) – warmer
1997 – Clinton (34 degrees) – warmer
2001 – Bush (55 degrees) – warmer
2005 – Bush (35 degrees) – warmer
2009 – Obama (29 degrees)

18 inaugurations:
15 warmer
2 colder
1 the same

Does that look like Global Warming is pummeling us?


Shoe Throwing, Insults and Christianity

If you remember back to the invasion of Iraq when the Iraqi people were toppling statues of Saddam Hussein and tearing down his image all over Iraq one thing you probably noticed over and over again was that the people would beat the image with their shoes. This sends the message, “You are worth less than the dirt on the bottom of my shoes.” From what I can tell throwing a shoe at someone is the ultimate Islamic slap in the face. When Bush got shoes thrown at him it was more than an act of aggression and violence it was an insult. It was not just any insult, an insult that dehumanizes and basically says someone is worthless.

To all the Bush hating Christians out there who abhor violence and insult when it doesn’t suit them but seem to revel in it here there is a clear message here. By endorsing this man’s actions you are saying it is acceptable to tell others that the are worthless and worthy of the ultimate insult. Scripture teaches us that we are made in the image of God. Jesus taught that we are not to insult other people or call them harsh names. Why? Because people are important to God whether we agree with that person or not, whether we have the same political ideology or not, and whether we think they are worthy of our acceptance or not.

Once it becomes alright to insult and use violence when it suits our needs when at other times we say we abhor violence and call it anti-Christian is just not acceptable for Christians to accept or buy into. This episode may seem humorous to us but it is far from humorous. This sends the message loud and clear that to this man, Bush is worth less than dirt. God tells us that is clearly untrue and we cannot feel any different than the example God has set before us. Sorry if that isn’t politically expedient. You know, we have methods of expressing our views in non-violent forms that can speak just as loudly but you may have to keep your shoes on and stick with words and diplomacy…the very thing that many who love these actions toward Bush have been saying Bush has lacked doing himself in the world community.