Who is Pulling for Barack Obama?

Can any of you name who said this about Barack Obama?

“We like Mr. Obama and we hope he will win the election. He has a vision to change America.”

I will give you a hint, it is not Brian McLaren. Brian McLaren continues his Obama parade with this new commercial.

Answer – Ahmed Yousef, chief political adviser to the Hamas Prime Minister. When the terrorists start pulling for a presidential candidate that tells you something. Wouldn’t it make sense that terrorists groups would want the guy who is saying he will pull out the troops?


Brian McLaren Endorses Barack Obama

With McLaren writing a book called “Everything Must Change” it is only fitting he endorses the candidate whose focus has been change, change, and more change. Unfortunately I am afraid Obama is more about changing what he needs to in order to get money for his campaign and to get elected and not real change in Washington. He changed on campaign finance and is now changing on drilling. Initially he said we should all get tune ups. I guess he is out of touch with real Americans enough that he doesn’t even know that today’s cars don’t require tune ups. This is also the guy who said if his daughter got pregnant he wouldn’t want her to have to suffer for that “mistake” and would support her right to get an abortion. Sadly enough I cannot say McCain is really a whole lot better.

Get ready for a big helping of change.

Updates – Illinois Corn Flake Re-posted as a Coupon on Ebay and Brian McLaren

Before I begin I want to start by saying this is probably the only post on the web that includes information about corn flakes and Brian McLaren in the same place. Two updates – The Great Illinois Corn Flake has been pulled from Ebay and now reposted as a coupon. It went over $200,000 upwards of $200,444. I am sure whoever had the high bid is really relieved. Also, I wanted to mention that there was some clarification on the Brian McLaren ticket prices in the comments. The price was not just for a lecture but also included a meal and some interaction time. I still don’t know what I think about that but at least that is a little more palatable than paying over 100 for a lecture.

Brian McLaren, Capitalism, and Ticket Prices

I am starting to read the book Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren. I heard he was coming to speak in Saint Petersburg and I thought about going to hear him until I found out the tickets were over $100. Is it just me or does it seem a little weird to pay over $100 to hear a message about radical Christianity? You can say there must be a limited number of seats and thus the high ticket price. That might be true but then the reason for the high price would be the very capitalistic and consummeristic system his book and presumably his lectures act to counter.

I try to stay away from anything negative on this blog because there is always so much negativity out there in the world toward Christians. So I hope this doesn’t have an air of negativity as much as an air of wondering what the real story is behind a ticket price like that. While you cannot put a price tag on spiritual transformation it does seem odd to present yourself as pushing for radical change against systems of capitalism and toward equity and then charge an exorbitant amount for people to come and hear you speak. Maybe there is more to the story than appears on the surface and I am doing my best to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know Brian McLaren and I am sure if I did I would find a respectful, loving, and committed Christian. So forgive me if I am way off base here. More later on the message of the book.

What do you think?

Christian Sermon Links

Here are the links I have compiled to 67 different Christian ministers and scholars. The majority of these are from the church of Christ and some from Christendom in general. What links would you add? Who has has helped you grow in your faith who has their sermons online? Feel free to add suggestions in the comments. The additions will be reflected in the link at the top of Kingdom Living.

Alister McGrath
Andy Stanley – Northpoint
Ben Witherington III

Bill Williams
Bobby Valentine – Palo Verde Church of Christ
Brian McLaren – Cedar Ridge Community Church
Brian McLaren – Allelon
Brian Nicklaus
Craig Blomberg
Chris Seidman – Farmer’s Branch
Curt Sparks – Overland Park Church of Christ
D. A. Carson
Dallas Willard
Dallas Willard – Veritas
Dallas Willard – Allelon
Dan Holland – Metro Church of Christ
David Shannon – Mt. Juliet CofC (Mt. Juliet, TN)
David Young – North Boulevard CofC (Murfreesboro, TN)
Don McLaughlin – North Atlanta Church of Christ
Erwin McManus – Mosaic
Eugene Peterson – Allelon
Faith Comes By Hearing
Gary Bradley – Mayfair
James Dunn
Jeff Walling – Providence Road Church of Christ
Jim Woodroof
John Alan Turner
John Dobbs
John Ortberg
John Piper
John Risse – North Boulevard Church of Christ
John Scott – Saturn Road Church of Christ
John Stott
John York
Joseph Shulam
Karl Barth
Larry Crabb
Mark Hurt – Cordova Community Church
Mark Taylor
Marva Dawn
Max Lucado
Mike Cope – Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, TX)
Mike Winkler – Madison Church of Christ
Miroslav Volf
N.T. Wright
N.T. Wright – Allelon
Noel Whitlock – College Church of Christ (Searcy, AR)
Parker Palmer
Philip Cunningham III
Prentice Meador
Ravi Zacharias
Rick Atchley – Richland Hills Church of Christ
Rob Bell – Mars Hill Bible Church
Rubel Shelly
Stanley Hauerwas
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Tim Woodroof – Otter Creek Church of Christ
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Wade Hodges – Garnett Church of Christ (Tulsa, OK)
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Walter Brueggemann
Wheaton College Chapel – miscellaneous
Will Willimon & Others
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