Kindle Matchbook – Amazon Selling you e-versions of the Books You Own Cheap

Amazon announced that you can get kindle books of the hard copies you have purchased through amazon for $0.99-$2.99! So far only 1,000 titles are available. Great news…get more info below



Amazon Has Discovered Millions of Free Tiny Billboards That Are Its Own Packages

Check out amazon’s new found advertising platform…this was a book that came in the mail yesterday. Genius! If the United States Post Office could hire guys who come up with things like this they wouldn’t be on the brink of bankruptcy.



Fifty Shades of Gray Resulted in My Taking Down My Amazon Sidebar

I just took down my amazon sidebar of best sellers due to Fifty Shades of Gray occupying the top couple of spots. It won’t be missed. I am replacing that with my own list of top Christian books. It will take me some time to get more titles up there. I am certain that will be more helpful and spiritually beneficial than all the stuff amazon has been putting on there.

Francis Chan Kindle Books Free on Amazon Today

Francis Chan Free for Kindle Today

HT: Tim Archer

Do You Have Amazon Referral Links on Your Blog?

I buy books off amazon quite frequently and I would like to do so through readers of this blog. So if you use the amazon referral program comment on this post and I will have a look. I have several books I am needing to order in the next couple days. Also, in the next week or so I should have several books to give away on this blog thanks to those of you who have been ordering through my amazon associates referral links!

Kingdom Living Amazon Store and Book Giveaway

For those who haven’t noticed I occasionally link books I mention to amazon that gives me a small percentage (4-6%) of purchases you make while in my store front. First and foremost I wanted to disclose that is the case. Second, I wanted to say thank you for purchasing items through the store.

Third, from this point on, any month where I get $10 or more from amazon thanks to your purchases I am going to put that money into a book giveaway for that month. A book will be featured on the blog, any comments on the post will go into a drawing for that book, which will be purchased through amazon and shipped to the winner. It is not a purchase that gets you in the drawing, it is a comment on the book giveaway post (hopefully monthly depending on meeting the $10 criteria). I hope this is a benefit that works for us all. You already purchase things at amazon, if you do it through my amazon store then you will have a chance to win a free book from time to time.

Thank you again to all of those who have made purchases so far. Here are the categories in the amazon store to date but it is not limited to these…you can purchase anything on amazon through this.

New Testament Commentaries
Greek New Testament
Old Testament Commentaries
Hebrew Old Testament
Bible Dictionaries
Books on Bible Versions
Biblical Archaeology
Theology and Topical
Inspirational & Leadership
Marriage, Family, and Parenting