Bible Study

Amazon Store Book Recommendations:
New Testament Commentaries
Greek New Testament
Old Testament Commentaries
Hebrew Old Testament
Bible Dictionaries
Books on Bible Versions
Biblical Archaeology
Theology and Topical
Inspirational & Leadership
Marriage, Family, and Parenting

Original Languages:
The Bible Translator – Journal of the United Bible Society (full text)
Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament
English-Hebrew Old Testament
Septuagint Online
ZHubert – Everything Greek
English-Greek New Testament
Liddel & Scott Greek Lexicon
Greek New Testament (NA26)
Greek New Testament with Variants
Modern Translations
Bible Gateway – Translations

OT/Jewish Resources:
Jewish Encyclopedia (full text)

New Testament Resources:
IVP Commentaries Online
New Testament Gateway – Goodacre
New Testament Resources – R. Decker
Gospel Synopsis

Church History:
Early Church History (Rob Bradshaw)
Medieval Church History (Rob Bradshaw)
Early Christian Writings
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Tertullian Project (
Restoration Movement Texts

Full Texts:
Perseus Project – Ancient Texts
Online religious books out of copywrite
Many recent full texts (Rob Bradshaw)
New Wineskins Magazine (full text)

Theological Studies (Rob Bradshaw)
Apollos Bible Study Resources
Bible Maps
Bible Studies on the Web
World Wide Study Bible
ENTER – Electronic New Testament Educational Resources
Restoration Movement Texts

Sermon Illustrations
Sermon Central
Preaching Today

Bible Tools at
Bible Researcher (Michael Marlowe) – A list of programs offering degrees in theology


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