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I have moved all 1000 lessons/3000 pages of free Bible class and small group curriculum over to my new site. You can download them at this URL –

Lessons include series on nearly every book of the New Testament and over half of the Old Testament, and dozens of topical series. Click the link above to view and download all the resources at my new site! Sorry for any inconvenience in the transition.


15 Responses to Bible Class Archive

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  5. Jim Welch says:

    I am looking for class material on “Grace”. I did not find any in your archive. Can you direct me to some good material or to research areas? Thanks.

    • mattdabbs says:


      I don’t have any material written up on that but I can point you to a few resources.

      Try Yancey’s Book “What’s So Amazing About Grace”. It is excellent. I have also heard Andy Stanley’s book “The Grace of God” is a very good resource as well. If I hear of anything else I will pass it along. God bless,


      • Jim Welch says:

        Thank you. I am re-reading Yancey’s book and will get a copy of Stanley’s book. It simply astounds me that for a body of believers who base our relationship with God on his grace, there is so little in depth material available. Perhaps this is indicative of why we struggle with so many “issues”. I am looking forward to anything you might run across.

    • mattdabbs says:


      I will be teaching a class on grace starting in January. I will post my notes on this at some point but it will be a couple of months. Hopefully that will help fill the void out there on free Bible class material on grace. I agree that it is such an important topic that it is astounding how hard it is to find quality material on it in a curriculum format.

      • ozziepete says:

        This comment has been down here for a while!! Did you ever post the series on Grace? It didn’t pop off the page at me. 🙂

      • mattdabbs says:

        I have about 6 lessons on grace from when I taught it back then. I don’t remember why it didn’t go a whole quarter! The way I wrote it might be a little hard to teach from.

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  7. Udeh Vincent says:

    Please Sir, which of the James wrote ‘the letter of James’?

    • yota says:

      There are 4 different persons in the New Testament with the name James:
      James the son of Zebedee, James the son of Alphaeus, James the father of Judas the apostle (Lk. 6:16) and James the Lord’s half brother. Most likely the book of James was written by the last James mentioned here, the Lord’s half brother. It appears that James did not believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord until after Jesus’s crucifixion or after He appeared to him in 1 Cor. 15:7.

    • mattdabbs says:

      Sorry for the slow response…the most widely held view is what yota wrote in response to your question – James, the half brother of Jesus.

  8. Juoty Jalarue says:

    Thanks for the small group materials. I tried going to the new webpage ( but it says the page is not available. Is there something I am doing wrong?

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