John Mark Hicks Has Been Very Helpful

In case you haven’t noticed, John Mark Hicks has been uploading tons of study helps to his blog. Just thought I would pass it along.

Additional Marriage and Family Resources

I just added two more links to the Marriage and Family Resources page at the top of K.L. Both are excellent. Here they are:

Smart Marriages – An excellent resource with frequent email updates of marriage in the news and media. One of the best resources out there.

Marriage Resources for Counselors – A brand new website with sermon helps, articles, research, and even songs for marriage enrichment.


New Blog for Church of Christ Ministry in the Philippines

I received a link from a good friend of mine, Jun Fuentes, regarding CofC ministries in the Philippines. It is called Word Ministry. Have a look to see what good things are happening in that part of the world.

Daniel Cherry’s Post on Big Steps

A great post by Daniel Cherry on God’s provision of the way through Jesus Christ. It is entitled Big Steps. Daniel is one of my very best friends and former Harding University roommate. We are wondering if we are living parallel lives as our wives were roommates with each other at Harding as well, we are both associate ministers with a focus on involvement, are both in Florida, are working with preaching ministers who have been at the congregation 25+ years, and even work in identical church buildings.

HT: Philip who pointed this out to me yesterday. Thanks Philip!

212 Christian Blogs Worth Viewing

Here is an expanded blogroll of Christian blogs. Many of them are from the church of Christ. These do not include the blogs from my sidebar but I will add them in when I get a chance. For more blogs see John Dobbs’ list here.

Adam Ellis
Adrian Warnock
Adam Gonnerman
Al Sturgeon
Alan Bevere
Alan Rouse
Allan White
Amy Westerman
Ancient Hebrew Poetry
Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi)
Anthony Parker
Anthony Stiff
Ben Overby
Ben Witherington III
Better Bibles Blog
Beverly Dowdy
Bible Software Review
Biblical Studies and Technological Tools (Rob Bradshaw)
Big White Hat
Bill Donahue
Bob Bliss
Bob Turner
Bobby Cohoon
Bobby Valentine
Brad Briscoe
Brad Palmore
Brandon Scott Thomas
Brian Eberly
Brian Mashburn
Brian Nicklaus
Brian Russell
Brother Maynard
Carl McMurray
Carson Reed
Cecil Walker
Chad Nall
Charlie Sohm
Chris Clouse
Chris Gallagher
Chris Lockhart
Christian Personal Finance (Bob Lotich)
Clint Rogers
Claude Mariottini
Cole Yoakum
Connected Christianity
Daily Hebrew
Dan Edelen
Dan Kimball
Dan Smith
Daniel Cherry
Danny Dodd
Danny Simms
Darin Hamm
Darrell Bock
David Underwood
Dee Andrews
Don Neyland
Donna Gossett
Donnie Carver
Doug Oakes
Douglas Schaefer
Dusty Rush
Eben Emerson
Ed Benesh
Evangelical Outpost
Fajita (Chris Gonzalez)
Family Dynamics Institute
Frank Bellizzi
Fred Peatross
Gallagher’s Preacher’s Pen
Gary Kirkendall
Gary Moyers
Gerrad Fess
Gordon Atkinson (Real Live Preacher)
Grace Centered Magazine
Greg England
Greg Kendall-ball
Greg Taylor
Harvest Boston
Heather Hodges
Houston Heflin
Internet Monk
James McMahon
James Tabor
James Wood
Janice (JEL)
Jason Bybee
Jay Guin
Jason Retherford
Jason Whaley
Jeff Jenkins
Jim Martin
Jim McGuiggan
Jim Woodroof
Joe Hays
John Alan Turner
John Dobbs
John Frye
John Lagrue
John Mark Hicks
John Mullican
John Roberts
John Siburt
John Stackhouse
Josh Brown
Josh Kellar
Justin Jordan
Justin McCreary
Keith Brenton
Keith Davis
Keith Lancaster
Kevin Cauley
Kinney Mabry (Preacherman)
Krister White
Kyle Meador
Lane Widick
Larry James
Larry Mouser
Latayne Scott
Leadership Journal
Lee Hodges
Lee Wilson
Les Ferguson Jr.
Liam Byrnes
Liberal Jesus
Lisa Leichner
Mark Adams
Mark Elrod
Mark Goodacre
Mark Lauterbach
Mark Love
Mark Parker
Mark Riddle
Mark Roberts
Matt Elliot
Mark Frost
Mark Galli
Mark Goodacre
Marvin Philips
Matt Elliot
Mere Comments
Michael Cooper
Michael Kruse
Mick Wright
Mike Cope
Mike Ratliff
Milton Stanley
Neva Cooper
Nick Gill
N.T. Wright
Ocular Fusion
Overflow Community Church (Brian Bennett)
Paul Littleton
Partnership for Missional Church (ACU)
Patrick Mead
Paul Davis
Paula Harrington
Peter Cockrell
Phil Sanders
Phil Ware
Phil Wilson
Philo of Alexandria Blog
Philip Cunningham III
Randal Matheny
Randy Carrol
Ray Fleming
Renaissance Guy
Rex Boyles
Rex Butts
Richard Mansel
Richard Mouw
Richard May
Rick Ianniello
Rob Brown
Rogue Minister
Royce Ogle
Rusty Peterman
Sam Middlebrook
Sarah Carpenter
Sarah (Logsdon) Renoud
Scott Allen
Scot McKnight (Jesuscreed)
Scott Morgan
Shane Coffman
Sista Cala
Steve Duer
Steve Maxwell
Steve Puckett
Steven Hovater
Ted Gossard
Terry Rush
Thomas Stewart (Believing Thomas)
Thoughts on Antiquity
Tim Archer
Tim Spivey
Tim Waldrop (Splinters of Silver)
Tony Morgan
Tony Myles
Tony Sheng
Travis Stanley
Trey Morgan
Tyler Williams (Codex)
Val Durrington
Wade Hodges
Wade Tannehill
Will Samson
Will Willimon
William Mesheid

Christian Sermon Links

Here are the links I have compiled to 67 different Christian ministers and scholars. The majority of these are from the church of Christ and some from Christendom in general. What links would you add? Who has has helped you grow in your faith who has their sermons online? Feel free to add suggestions in the comments. The additions will be reflected in the link at the top of Kingdom Living.

Alister McGrath
Andy Stanley – Northpoint
Ben Witherington III

Bill Williams
Bobby Valentine – Palo Verde Church of Christ
Brian McLaren – Cedar Ridge Community Church
Brian McLaren – Allelon
Brian Nicklaus
Craig Blomberg
Chris Seidman – Farmer’s Branch
Curt Sparks – Overland Park Church of Christ
D. A. Carson
Dallas Willard
Dallas Willard – Veritas
Dallas Willard – Allelon
Dan Holland – Metro Church of Christ
David Shannon – Mt. Juliet CofC (Mt. Juliet, TN)
David Young – North Boulevard CofC (Murfreesboro, TN)
Don McLaughlin – North Atlanta Church of Christ
Erwin McManus – Mosaic
Eugene Peterson – Allelon
Faith Comes By Hearing
Gary Bradley – Mayfair
James Dunn
Jeff Walling – Providence Road Church of Christ
Jim Woodroof
John Alan Turner
John Dobbs
John Ortberg
John Piper
John Risse – North Boulevard Church of Christ
John Scott – Saturn Road Church of Christ
John Stott
John York
Joseph Shulam
Karl Barth
Larry Crabb
Mark Hurt – Cordova Community Church
Mark Taylor
Marva Dawn
Max Lucado
Mike Cope – Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, TX)
Mike Winkler – Madison Church of Christ
Miroslav Volf
N.T. Wright
N.T. Wright – Allelon
Noel Whitlock – College Church of Christ (Searcy, AR)
Parker Palmer
Philip Cunningham III
Prentice Meador
Ravi Zacharias
Rick Atchley – Richland Hills Church of Christ
Rob Bell – Mars Hill Bible Church
Rubel Shelly
Stanley Hauerwas
Tim Bulkeley
Tim Spivey – Highland Oaks Church of Christ
Tim Woodroof – Otter Creek Church of Christ
Tony Campolo
Trey Morgan
Wade Hodges – Garnett Church of Christ (Tulsa, OK)
Walt Leaver – Brentwood Hills Church of Christ
Walter Brueggemann
Wheaton College Chapel – miscellaneous
Will Willimon & Others
William Lane Craig
Wolfhart Pannenburg

Online Bible Resources and Tools for Study

This is a copy of the Bible Resources page from the top of this blog. This list includes 31 essential Bible resources and tools to assist in Bible study and teaching. If you have anything you would add feel free to include them in the comments. Any updates will be found on the Bible Resources tab at the top of Kingdom Living.

Original Languages:
The Bible Translator – Journal of the United Bible Society (full text)
Interlinear Hebrew Old Testament
English-Hebrew Old Testament
Septuagint Online
ZHubert – Everything Greek
English-Greek New Testament
Liddel & Scott Greek Lexicon
Greek New Testament (NA26)
Modern Translations
Bible Gateway – Translations

OT/Jewish Resources:
Jewish Encyclopedia (full text)

New Testament Resources:
IVP Commentaries Online
New Testament Gateway – Goodacre
New Testament Resources – R. Decker
Gospel Synopsis

Church History:
Early Christian Writings
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Tertullian Project (
Restoration Movement Texts

Full Texts:
Perseus Project – Ancient Texts
Online religious books out of copywrite
Many recent full texts
Rob Bradshaw –

Apollos Bible Study Resources
Bible Maps
Bible Studies on the Web
World Wide Study Bible

Bible Tools at

Christian Personal Finance

Have a look at Bob Lotich’s Christian Personal Finance blog.

New Urban Ministry Resource at Kingdom Living

I added a new resource at Kingdom Living – Urban ministry links. There are several hundred links and contact information for several hundred ministries that are organized according to location and function. Have a look at the top of the blog and  you will see the new page. I have a TON of editing work to do but it is coming together. This started out as a project I did for Anthony Wood for the Urban Ministry class at HUGSR. I hope these are a help to many. God bless,


New Wineskins Magazine Now Free

Thank you to Keith Brenton for mentioning this. I look forward to being enriched by such a generous move. Here is their website. Thanks also to Greg Taylor.