Bible Class Archive: 1000 Free Bible Study Lessons, Over 3000 Pages of Free Material

I haven’t mentioned the Bible Class Archive in a long while. It is a page on the blog where I compile many of the lessons for Bible class and small groups that I have written over the years. I have also included some of my co-laborers in the kingdom in the collaborative process and have added in their lessons as well. So if you haven’t ever been on that page of this blog, have a look…

Bible Class Archive

To date, over 70,000 pdf’s have been downloaded! I intend to add more material very soon.


New Free Study Uploaded – Parables and the Kingdom of God

I just uploaded a new 13 lesson series on the parables of Jesus entitled “Parables and the Kingdom of God”

Here are the stats on free curriculum on this blog:

  • 937 total lessons
  • 2996 total pages
  • 75 lesson series
  • 20 contributors
  • 60,000+ pdf downloads!

Updated Jesus 101 Study

I have made revisions to the Jesus 101 study and wanted to let you know that and post the new pdf. This is the evangelistic study of Mark that we put together here at Northwest so that we can start getting more people engaged in Bible study with non-Christians. So far this study has been downloaded 140 times since I posted it last month with an additional 80 requests from the Spiritual Growth Workshop that I sent out via email yesterday! We have given out over 200 hard copies as well!

Bible class archive
Also, an update on the Bible class archive. This is a place where I gather Bible class and small group lessons from a bunch of talented guys and post it for others to download for free. We just broke the 3000 lesson mark! There have been over 55,000 pdf downloads so far! If you are using any of these lessons I would love to get feedback. It is always an encouragement to hear from someone who has used these lessons and were blessed by them.

Writing Material So Others Can Use It – 10 Suggestions

I am always in pursuit of new Bible curriculum to post in the Small Group Lessons and Bible Class Archive here on the blog. I have approached quite a few people trying to get them to submit something. Most people don’t write lessons so that they can be used by others. Some of you guys probably even just scratch everything down on a notepad and go and do an excellent job that way. Others write it in a way that it only makes sense to them. No one else can just pick it up and go. That is natural. It is important to write your lessons (if you do that sort of thing) in a way that you can teach it to the best of your ability.

It is important to consider the good that can come from formatting your lessons and their flow in a way that others can pick it up and use it as well. I no longer write a lesson for it to get taught once. I write them with other teachers in mind because I don’t want it to get used one time. One reason I do that is because I have to. Some of the lessons I write are for our small groups so I am forced to write it in a way they can all teach it with ease. In addition to that though, it is important to me that if I am going to spend all that time studying that my class is not the only one to benefit from it. It is like multiplication…you write it once and it gets used hundreds or in some cases even thousands of times. That is good stewardship. I don’t say that in any judgment of those who do otherwise whatsoever.

Here are some thing to consider when writing lessons so others can use them:

  1. Give suggested answers on tough questions. Nothing worse than teaching a lesson and get silence and not know the answer yourself because you are teaching someone else’s material. Give them a few suggestions under the tough questions in bullet points.
  2. Likewise, give definitions for words that are more difficult so that people aren’t missing the point because they don’t understand what is being said. What is more someone may ask what the word means and the teacher is equipped to answer.
  3. Use bold headings when you start a new topic/subtopic in your lesson. If the lesson makes a turn, make it obvious to the teacher.
  4. Bold all scriptures so they stand out. If I want something to be read out loud I will put Read John 3:16-19
  5. Italicize discussion questions. This makes them stand out so that the teacher easily recognizes they are reading a question. Your intonation is different with a question and it gets kind of weird if the teacher starts of reading it as a statement rather than a question.
  6. End with application questions. I will typically put the heading Application at the end followed by a few questions for the group to discuss. It is vitally important that every lesson have clear application.
  7. If there is an exercise you want them to do I either use that instead of an application section or in addition to it.
  8. Put relevant prayer needs that are specific to the lesson at the end if needed or if it fits well
  9. If you are writing it for people you know, encourage them to see it as a guide, not a concrete outline. They know their class best and can make the lesson fit better than anyone else. Give them freedom to adjust the lesson as they see fit.
  10. Send the lessons to me so I can share them with the world here on this blog 🙂

Finished A New Evangelistic Bible Study – Jesus 101

Update – I just posted the pdf in this post – Download Jesus 101

I just wrapped up writing an evangelistic Bible study that works through the Gospel of Mark called Jesus 101. The reason I wrote this was to promote more Bible study with non-Christians at Northwest. We realize on the front end that one major hang up people have in studying with others is figuring out where to start. This book is simple and non-confrontational. Instead of blasting people with facts this study has them read Mark chapter by chapter and just asks questions that helps them open up their eyes to who Jesus is. Also, this study follows the pace of Mark. They aren’t asked who they think Jesus is until Jesus asks that same questions to his disciples in Mark 8. They are asked again at the end of the study where the study turns to a discussion of what God wants from us/what is our response to the Gospel. A few other nice features of this study include a Glossary of more difficult terms and further evidence in the back of the study.

We gave out 250 copies on Sunday and hope to give out hundreds more. I am curious to find out what studies you guys use when studying with non-Christians? What have you seen work and what doesn’t work so well? is an Excellent Online Resource

We just started using Right Now Media to get curriculum in the hands of teachers and church members. One thing you run into when you run a small groups ministry is that it is nearly impossible to use video curriculum because you have to buy a ton of copies so each group can have their own. That gets really expensive, really fast. Right Now Media has offered a solution. They have a website that streams Christian curriculum to your computer. That way all your small groups can watch the same thing at the same time without having to buy multiple copies. You no longer pay per series. The cost is an annual fee that gives you access to everything they have. They already have a lot up and it is growing each week. Here are a few of their titles:

  • 5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith – Andy Stanley
  • Sacred Marriage – Gary Thomas
  • Song of Solomon Series – Tommy Nelson
  • The Reason for God – Tim Keller
  • God’s Story, Your Story – Max Lucado
  • Surrender – Francis Chan
  • The Truth About Sex – Doug Fields
  • Crazy Love – Francis Chan
  • Revolutionary Parenting – George Barna
  • Think the Essence of Orange – Reggie Joiner
  • and many more

On top of that you can download video illustrations. These are the same guys who run
The cost is about $100/month which will be prohibitive for some. I believe they will scale it back if you are in a small church but I am not sure how low the price structure goes and at what size. However, if you use these materials on a regular basis and/or would like to do this for small groups but the cost would be too high, here is a way to do it. Anyone else using this?

New Curriculum Posted – Living by Faith: Studies in Hebrews 11

I just posted a new small group series called Living by Faith: Studies in Hebrews 11. The study works through the stories of those mentioned in Hebrews 11 and ties us in with them and the ministry of Jesus as well as the early Christian and contemporary martyrs. Have a look…

Living By Faith

That makes the free curriculum posted on this blog: 900 lessons, 3000 pages, and 48,000 pdf downloads! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and used this material.

Evangelistic Study of Mark

We are about to implement a better plan to increase the number of one-on-one Bible studies we are engaging in as a congregation. In doing so we are needing material to pull this off. So I have started writing an inductive study of Mark and it is really pretty exciting stuff. What I mean by inductive is, the case is being built for who Jesus is based on certain evidence in the narrative along the way. This culminates with Peter’s confession of Christ in Mark 8. Basically, the study isn’t going to assume people believe that but walk them through the build up of the evidence so that when we get to Mark 8 (lesson 3) people are on board and their faith is beginning to take root so they can believe what Peter believes. I think this is such an important approach because we can no longer assume people know anything. You really do have to start from scratch with people and work them to the solutions. I will let you know how it turns out!

Here are some of the evidences that will come up through the discussion of the narrative in the Bible study:

  • Authority of Jesus based on his miracles, his teachings, and the testimony of others about him (including John the Baptist, God and God’s Spirit in Mark 1).
  • The mission of Jesus and his disciples against the “strong man” (Satan) of Mark 3:27 and how that theme runs through much of what Jesus does and teaches in Mark.
  • Death and resurrection predictions and fulfillment

Any more you would add?

New Series Posted – Basics of Christianity

Just posted a new lesson series on the Basics of Christianity. This is a 16 lesson series (could easily be condensed to 13) covering 49 pages. This brings the Bible lessons posted here on the blog to nearly 900 lessons, 3000 pages and 42k downloads.

New Bible Lessons Uploaded From James Glasscock

James Glasscock has graciously allowed me to post four of his Bible class series here at the blog. Thanks James!