Knowledge is potential, not power

Knowledge does not guarantee the ability or willingness to do something about it. Too often in the church we describe problems, analyze problems but then do little to solve them. The 20s leaving the church is a classic example of this. People describe and explain why and then it’s like everything is ok now that we at least understand it. Few churches are turning the boat, taking that knowledge and using it to leverage better outcomes. Knowledge is potential, not power.


About mattdabbs
I am a minister, husband, and father. My wife and I live and minister in Saint Petersburg, Florida. My primary ministry responsibilities include: small groups, 20s and 30s, involvement, and adult education.

4 Responses to Knowledge is potential, not power

  1. mark says:

    Because solving problems involves coming up with solutions that might upset the status quo or asking others to contribute ideas or solutions. The problem with outside solutions is that they might have generated by people other than the ruling class. We all know that outside-generated solutions aren’t any good because of who came up with them.

  2. K.DURGARAO says:

    Thanks brother for the kind reply.I ppreciate your straight forwardness. As an evangelist and the bible teachers always in the biblical pattern shows they in the ministfirst century did lot of benevolent work beside preaching ministry .brother it always goes in hand in hand both ministry of the word and ministry of the need of a one is hungry for food needs a food not anything.else.spiritual is for one already has basic things. Brother what way it is justified just inviting brothers need and is god pleased with the attitude of not coming forward inhelping the saints who are washed with the precious blood of christ .
    God doesn’t ask how well one preachers or teaches the bible. But how well we lead a life according to the bible. We cannot restrict ourselves by not helping the poor when he is in difficult situation.
    God is just and able to judge our motives. Let us not be pharisaic in our thinking and our attitude leads to displeasing to god .
    May god give you good wisdom to understand a brothers needs and help them.

    You’d truly

  3. K.DURGARAO says:

    Johnathan brother…
    Your email ID: please …..
    And… Very short amount help me brother
    Please encourage my work.
    Thank you and pray.

  4. K.DURGARAO says:

    Johnathan brother…
    Your email ID: please …..
    And… Very short amount help me brother
    Please encourage my work.
    Thank you and pray.
    Your s team evangel list

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