My Favorite Sermon of All Time: God’s Way or My Way by Frank Peretti

When I was in high school I used to listen to Focus on the Family with James Dobson on my way to school in the morning. Sometimes they would play sermons that they had found exceptional or they would interview someone. If the program was really, really good sometimes I would record them on cassette later in the day when it came on at night. Did I mention that I was 40 when I was 16?

Anyway, I had a tape called God’s Way or My Way by Frank Peretti and I probably listened to it 50 times. I had it memorized. I shared that tape with Philip and Philip sent me an email letting me know it had been posted to youtube. In this sermon Peretti talks about the dangers of the New Age and Occult movement in America. It has been some years since I have listened to it but it is such a part of my past that I can’t help but share it. Hopefully it is as good as I remember!


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3 Responses to My Favorite Sermon of All Time: God’s Way or My Way by Frank Peretti

  1. It’s a little dated. But it mostly holds up.

    The last time you were looking for it (via your 2010 blog entry) it looks like it wasn’t on YouTube. This guy just uploaded it in January.

    I think I’m going to get some software that lets you rip a YouTube video to your hard-drive & keep my own personal digital copy. Just in case.

  2. For many years I have believed that Eve was seeking the power to determine what is good and evil for herself, and that this is what “the knowledge of good and evil” means. She already knew that there was “right” and “wrong” and that it was “wrong” to eat the fruit. What she sought was the knowledge that only God possesses – of what makes “good” good and “evil” evil. This is exactly the problem with the “New Age” and “Post-modern” approach to life today: Man is his own standard.

  3. Cat says:

    This is my favorite sermon of all time as well. I’ve been listening to it since the mid 90’s. Kids today don’t even know who Phil Donahue is hahaha.

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