Rightnowmedia.org is an Excellent Online Resource

We just started using Right Now Media to get curriculum in the hands of teachers and church members. One thing you run into when you run a small groups ministry is that it is nearly impossible to use video curriculum because you have to buy a ton of copies so each group can have their own. That gets really expensive, really fast. Right Now Media has offered a solution. They have a website that streams Christian curriculum to your computer. That way all your small groups can watch the same thing at the same time without having to buy multiple copies. You no longer pay per series. The cost is an annual fee that gives you access to everything they have. They already have a lot up and it is growing each week. Here are a few of their titles:

  • 5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith – Andy Stanley
  • Sacred Marriage – Gary Thomas
  • Song of Solomon Series – Tommy Nelson
  • The Reason for God – Tim Keller
  • God’s Story, Your Story – Max Lucado
  • Surrender – Francis Chan
  • The Truth About Sex – Doug Fields
  • Crazy Love – Francis Chan
  • Revolutionary Parenting – George Barna
  • Think the Essence of Orange – Reggie Joiner
  • and many more

On top of that you can download video illustrations. These are the same guys who run Bluefishtv.com
The cost is about $100/month which will be prohibitive for some. I believe they will scale it back if you are in a small church but I am not sure how low the price structure goes and at what size. However, if you use these materials on a regular basis and/or would like to do this for small groups but the cost would be too high, here is a way to do it. Anyone else using this?


About mattdabbs
I am a minister, husband, and father. My wife and I live and minister in Saint Petersburg, Florida. My primary ministry responsibilities include: small groups, 20s and 30s, involvement, and adult education.

One Response to Rightnowmedia.org is an Excellent Online Resource

  1. whlifetogether says:

    We just joined it two weeks ago. Great resource!

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