Which Church of Christ Affiliated Publishing Companies Are You Aware of?

EDIT – Wilburta commented with a link to her site that makes this list look tiny. Here is her list of 42 sites.

I had someone ask me what companies are actively producing curriculum that are affiliated with Churches of Christ. I can think of a few

I am not sure about the last two…anyone have an idea about College Press and Resource Publications?

I am pretty sure there are a bunch out there but I am not really any tune with what is going on in regard to this. Can you guys fill me in on who all is out there?


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16 Responses to Which Church of Christ Affiliated Publishing Companies Are You Aware of?

  1. Terry says:

    Many Christian Churches and Churches of Christ are served by Standard Publishing (www.standardpub.com). Many non-institutional Churches of Christ are served by Truth Books (www.truthbooks.net).

  2. Jay Guin says:

    21st Century Christian is still publishing books.

  3. Jay Guin says:


    My apologies for repeating what you already said. I’m a little sleep deprived today. What I should have said is, “I think that’s about all there are other than self-publication.”

    The number of publishers is in free fall. I think that’s largely because so many read books from mainstream evangelicalism.

  4. shannon says:

    Gospel Light Publishing (Delight, AR)
    Truth for Today (Searcy, AR)

  5. I am also aware of two recent books published electronically. Rick Oster published a book which can be found by going to the faculty page at Harding Grad, and Wade Hodges just put out a Kindle book on Amazon. I think you will see more of this in the future, especially small projects.

    • mattdabbs says:

      That reminds me of college press and Resource Publications. Seems like College Press is affiliated with the Christian Church? I can’t remember.

      • Terry says:

        Yes. College Press is affiliated with the Christian Churches, but it publishes several books by authors in Churches of Christ. Its NIV commentary series is authored by a roughly equal number of scholars from both Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.

  6. Tim Archer says:

    Forthright Press is doing some publishing: http://forthrightpress.com/books/

    They may just publish from within their own faculty, but the Austin Graduate School of Theology publishes under the imprint Christian Studies Press (just have an e-mail address christianstudiespress@austingrad.edu).

  7. Does Quality Press still exist? they used to have some decent books … for example David Chadwell’s Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees and Monroe Hawley’s Redigging the Wells …

  8. John Ross says:

    Resource Publications is out of Searcy, but not affiliated with HU. It is the same company that publishes Truth For Today. It is (or was) Eddie Cloer’s company, but that was in the mid 90’s.

  9. Publishing Designs, Inc in Huntsville, AL is owned by members of the church.

  10. There is an extensive, although I’m sure not all inclusive, list of Christian publishers on my website at: http://www.wilburtaarrowood.com/pubs.html Be aware, however that some are more liberal than others. Explore and make your own judgments.

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