CCLI Top 25 Worship Songs

Here are the top 25 worship songs sung congregationally in the United States in February according to CCLI. They have a really nice tool where you can choose from different countries and see what songs are being sung the most.

Report Period 409 – United States
1 Mighty To Save Fielding, Ben\Morgan, Reuben 4591782
2 How Great Is Our God Tomlin, Chris\Reeves, Jesse\Cash, Ed 4348399
3 Blessed Be Your Name Redman, Beth\Redman, Matt 3798438
4 Here I Am To Worship Hughes, Tim 3266032
5 Everlasting God Brown, Brenton\Riley, Ken 4556538
6 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Tomlin, Chris\Giglio, Louie\Newton, John 4768151
7 Open The Eyes Of My Heart Baloche, Paul 2298355
8 Your Grace Is Enough Maher, Matt 4477026
9 Jesus Messiah Tomlin, Chris\Carson, Daniel\Reeves, Jesse\Cash, Ed 5183443
10 Holy Is The Lord Tomlin, Chris\Giglio, Louie 4158039
11 Shout To The Lord Zschech, Darlene 1406918
12 Forever Tomlin, Chris 3148428
13 You Are My King Foote, Billy 2456623
14 Come Now Is The Time To Worship Doerksen, Brian 2430948
15 Revelation Song Riddle, Jennie Lee 4447960
16 In Christ Alone Townend, Stuart\Getty, Keith 3350395
17 Lord I Lift Your Name On High Founds, Rick 117947
18 Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) Baloche, Paul\Brown, Brenton 4662491
19 God Of Wonders Byrd, Marc\Hindalong, Steve 3118757
20 We Fall Down Tomlin, Chris 2437367
21 Beautiful One Hughes, Tim 3915912
22 From The Inside Out Houston, Joel 4705176
23 The Heart Of Worship Redman, Matt 2296522
24 You Are My All In All Jernigan, Dennis 825356
25 Days Of Elijah Mark, Robin 1537904

About mattdabbs
I am a minister, husband, and father. My wife and I live and minister in Saint Petersburg, Florida. My primary ministry responsibilities include: small groups, 20s and 30s, involvement, and adult education.

12 Responses to CCLI Top 25 Worship Songs

  1. nick gill says:

    the roof of our new building might collapse if we sang any of those. *sigh*

    Well, maybe not All in All – at a youth devo.

  2. jamesbrett says:

    matt, there must be some mistake. where is “get right, church?” and what about that song, “if i don’t… get to heaven?” who did this study anyway? have they ever been to church?

  3. Tim Archer says:

    Do all songs get reported or just those still under copyright?

    I guess older songs still get sung, but just not as often. I’ll confess to being a music traditionalist. There’s a reason why, out of the hundreds of songs he wrote, certain Isaac Watts songs have stood the test of time.

    Should we lose those songs and some like them, we will be much the poorer. The depth of music and quality of lyrics of trendy songs just don’t stand up. (But I much prefer today’s songs to the toe-tappers of the early 20th century!)

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  4. Nick Gill says:

    Randy Harris described that phenomenon, Tim. He says that his generation desires answers, while the generation he teaches desires an experience of God.

    And just think how many congregations had to listen to all of Watts’ less-than-spectacular songs for years and years before they finally died away.

  5. Tim Archer says:

    Yeah, Nick, though that’s kind of the point. So much of what is popular today will be rightly rejected tomorrow.

    As for me, I’d like to sing “Here I Am To Worship” and “Lord We Come Before Thee Now.”

    There’s a place for modern literature, but I’m glad my kids still read Shakespeare in school.

  6. b says:

    great songs
    but I too, would hate to give up old ones or new ones, slow ones for fast ones, edifying or praise, etc.

  7. Lisa says:

    I like a mix of the old & new too. Our congregation loves to learn new songs (or at least a segment of it does), but we also sing a lot of older songs. I would have thought most congregations were like that, so I’m surprised that the list only contains newer songs.

  8. dannydodd says:

    I would have thought the Revelation Song would have been a little higher.

    Interesting info here.

  9. JMF says:

    These CCLI folks are false teachers.

    Since the 1st century, the church has always sang praises. But one particular song was sung by the 1st century church, and we still sing it today. It is sung in every Church Of Christ, every week, at every church service (if they are sound). Sang correctly, the final verse is sang extremely loud, bordering on screaming. The liberal churches often take the final chorus and sing it though once more, very slow, but speeding as you go to a crescendo. Most refer to this change as the “apostate re-mix”.

    These CCLI folks need to get out of their cubicles and learn that real songs don’t have titles…they are simply known by an alpha-numeric call sign.

    Of course, I am speaking of the most legendary COC song of all time: 728B!

  10. wjcsydney says:

    We sing almost all of these. But we do sing some of the old hymns too. Proportion is probably 9 new to 1 traditional. it works for us!

  11. ozziepete says:

    When will CCLI next publish their list of Top 25 Acapella songs. ‘Cos some of these just don’t work without the extended guitar riff or drum solo while everyone catches their breath. Not even with Aaaah/Ooooh, or vocal percussion!!

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