Finally Trying Out the ESV

We finally picked up an ESV translation of the Bible. Can’t wait to see how it does. I have heard so many good things about it from several different people from several different perspectives so this should be good.

About mattdabbs
I am a minister, husband, and father. My wife and I live and minister in Saint Petersburg, Florida. My primary ministry responsibilities include: small groups, 20s and 30s, involvement, and adult education.

4 Responses to Finally Trying Out the ESV

  1. Micah says:

    It’s pretty good, except for all of the gender-neutral language it uses. Instead of translating passages literally, it re-casts them to use generic pronouns instead of using the (biblical) masculine ones.


    Seriously, it is a pretty good translation. I use it and the TNIV almost exclusively.

  2. Brian says:

    i read it for my daily bible reading last year. and then used it as my main bible for teachign thessalonians recently.

    i really like it too,. i still preach from NIV, since it is our pew Bible, although our members use lots of KJV, NKJV, NAS, etc.

  3. Just Matt says:

    Any update? How are you liking it? It is my favorite version.

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