God Keeps Us At Our Word

I don’t really feel like saying any more about it at this point. Just keep Missy and I in your prayers as our hearts have been broken by a tremendous loss. I will explain more later when it isn’t so fresh.

About mattdabbs
I am a minister, husband, and father. My wife and I live and minister in Saint Petersburg, Florida. My primary ministry responsibilities include: small groups, 20s and 30s, involvement, and adult education.

10 Responses to God Keeps Us At Our Word

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh, Matt … praying for you & Missy.

  2. johndobbs says:

    Matt, I’m sure you have lots of friends to call…but feel free to call me. My phone number is listed on our church website http://www.123Jesus.com on the Katrina page.

    My ears are yours if needed, my heart is yours for sure … and I will certainly pray for you and your wife.

  3. bellissimanh says:

    Father God,

    I don’t know what’s going on in Matt’s life, but I don’t need to know, Lord. You know. And that’s enough. I lift this brother and his family before You now and ask that You would surround them with Your love, place a hedge of protection around them, give them wisdom that can only come from You, and speak soothing words of peace and comfort to their weary souls. You alone are God, and You can fix anything, but Lord, sometimes You choose instead to just BE God for us, in the midst of our circumstances. Whatever the need here, meet it, Lord, however You see fit.

    In Jesus’ precious name, I pray… Amen.

  4. Mark says:

    We’ll be praying for you and thinking about you.

  5. Heavenly Father,

    I pray that you cover Matt and his family like a blanket Lord. Just cover them with your protection, and your strength. I lift them up to you Father God, and ask that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. Shield them from these tragedies, and fill the empty spaces with your love. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

  6. Matt and Missy,
    You are in my thoughts and prayer. Wish I were closer so I could wrap you in arms of love as well.
    I love and miss you both!

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